Tuesday, 6 March 2012

PPD - Devlopment

In today's session we split up into groups to try and identify and answer a series of questions set by Fred to analyze lot's of the questions we all want answers to relating to Industrial practice and how to get ourselves out into the design world.

10. Industrial Experiences

-Studio placements
-Porfolio Surgery
-Live briefs
-Setting up an event
-Buisness proposal
-Selling personal Work
-Working with a freelancer
-Being interviewed.

10. Professional Research

-Studio Visits
-Talks lectures
-Netowkring (creative)
-BAGD (Hons) LCA
-Joining media groups
-Interviewing professionals
-Graduate shows

5 Concerns

-Not being up to a professional standard
-Standing out for other designers
-How do start to generate Income
-Fulfilling creative interest while abiding to client restriction.

5 Opportunities/Things we can do today.

-Email Potential clients/design studios
-Develop personal branding/promotional material
-Hand out buisness cards/mailshots
-Visit exhibitions studios.
-Join online creative communities

10 things you think you will gain from professional research.

-Professional etiqueite
-Aquiring Creative links.
-Understanding of personal aims within industry.
-Confidence in personal delivery.
-A day as a professonal.
-Transition from student to a professional.

10 things you will gain from studio visits.

-What type of practice you want to work within (commercial, web design etc).
-What area of the country appeals to you most.
-The type of people you will be surrounded by.
-How a studio tackles briefs/deals with work load.
-What role would you play in a working environment.
-How to act around clients on a professional level.

10 things you will put in a Creative C.V

-My skill set, what areas of design I have strengths in.
-My interests, what inspires me, what do I like outside of the design world.
-Where I want to be in the future, aims, prospects, what sort of designer do I want to be.
-Contact details.