Monday, 30 January 2012

Desgin Production Digital:Top Ten Peer Feedback


-A lot of research to work with. Focused Audience

-Interesting Topic.

-Big fan of juice to the moon.

Areas For Improvement

-Do some storyboards, get ideas flowing, move away from research.

-Sound Track

-Visual Ideas sound interesting but more experimenting needs to be done.


-Look at idents on the history channel

-Watch old war films, diving programs etc.

-Don't get too excited about research, get designing,

Action plan

-Start applying techniques learnt in After Effects sessions into my own work.

Desgin Production Digital:Top Ten Peer Feedback 12/1/12

Areas For Improvement 
-Auidio clips need to be considered

-Computer war games on pc might be a good option.


-Watch Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow.

-Look into creating ink effects using moving masks in After Effects.

Action plan

-Start putting together timelines to get a grasp of how my research will work on screen.

-Research sounds, look into clips.

Desgin Production Digital:Top Ten Peer Feedback 11/1/12


-Good clear Direction

-Research backs Ideas well, and shows ideas have some sort of context.

Areas For Improvement

-Think about audience more carefully, find a specific niche to focus on.

-Pick a specific channel, look at the more unusual options.

-Pick sound quick

-Advertise to Divers

-Info graphics could be a possibility, look at old pc games

-Don't do more than is achievable within the time given.

Action plan

-Think about DVD Design/sleeve, this will be a big consideration in the way I want my whole complete project to look.

-Define style of Illustrations - Practice hand rendered type

-Define/Narrow Down colour range

IMAGE: Image as Type // Constructive criticism and Feedback

The final outcomes I produced this week we're completed to a standard I was really happy with, but I found my time management skills and prioritizing what work needed to be done for when, has really held me back in other briefs. I enjoyed these briefs because of how short and snappy they are, plus we only have a week to turn them round which realistically would be similar to the amount of time we had if we were working in industry unlike to some of the things we have going on at the moment. Below are my three final outcomes, I realize they haven't been taken to print yet, but this is one of my main things to consider before the hand-in deadline.


-Clean up image, remove smaller cracks from the word invading which aren't visible until scaled up to A1.

-What stock am I going to use when it comes to print, should The image be separated into just 2 layers and screen printed?

-Add some sort of manipulation to the word organism, so that each word has a different modification.


-Placement of words, does it read how you want it to be read? Try switiching the words around so it can be easily read.

-Perspective works well with the singular lines however a different layout could work much better.

-Consider stock, will it be screen printed/digitally printed?


-Image is a bit bland, the whiteness of the background ruins its overall effect.

-Stock considerations, an off-white background would work so much better than the plainness of the stock it is printed on currently.

-Experiment further with the placement of the words on the page, having them centered could be a possibility, or arranged so that more of the letters are back to front/upside down.

Friday, 20 January 2012

IMAGE: Editorial Image // Feedback + Other considerations

After our first weekly brief looking back I'm chuffed with the results considering the amount of time that went into getting them completed with all our other briefs going on at the moment. I would of liked to spend more time on perfecting my outcomes, but then again nothing is ever perfect.

I've enjoyed working in collage, would is something I'd like to develop, mainly digitally. I like the fact the internet holds no limitations in reference to source material, often when cutting and pasting things by hand its hard to find that one bit of imagery you need. I've been looking at lots of designers and artists who work with digital montages and collaged media, I want to take this forward into our next weekly brief.

I found it much easier to work considering the set format/size we were given. When jotting ideas down on a4 paper and in sketchbooks I wasn't coming up with anything consistent, however when I actually started working with the boundaries on the computer it opened up so many more angles to how  I could present my idea. A like to what we're working in motion graphics the frame becomes more like a stage.

The Image I'm most happy with is the second article, Again I'm talking about collage, but from techniques learned in DESIGN FOR PRINT, using duotone and halftoned images gave me that asethetic feel I had pictured from the start. I think the Shuttle and the Globe sit nicely on the page, but If i was to do it again I'd definitely re draw the arrow and change the type so it looked a little less slap dash.