Monday, 18 October 2010

Final Crit - 15/10/10

Feedback from final crit on friday.

Things i need to work on;

- Work with both upper and lower case experimenting with how my idea can work with different sets of letters.

- Explore my idea in a different light, working with different shapes of speech bubble and different characteristics of a comic book.

- Make sure all my letters are legible, especially 'J' and 'S'.

- Try different shapes for each separate letter.

Alphabet Soup Evaluation

Which Personality Traits did you choose to respond to and apply to the typeface?

I chose to look mainly around the adjectives cultural, intelligent and creative. I wanted to create a typeface that showed these characteristics in a subtle but responsive way that my partner would be able to recognise.

What are the reasons behind the design decisions you have made for the typeface?

When i first started the brief the ideas i was coming up with for my typeface were to literal and i found that instead of resolving the brief i was just narrowing my outcomes for a final piece. I started to look down the theme of working with japanese artwork and manga comics working in the style of Liam so my font would truly represent him as a person. When problem solving i thought that to work as a typeface the audience has to be able to relate to it. Unfortunately i didn't think manga would resolve this, however everybody i had spoken to had read a comic book before so i started working with comic book symbols such as speech bubbles. I used Helvetica to communicate that Liam was quite a straight fine cut person and them incorporated my ideas to produce my final piece.
The speech bubble was a good icon to use because it also linked up to show that Liam had strong opinions about things when i spoke to him.

In what ways are the results effective?

My final outcomes were effective because of how subtle they were. When you actually read into the concepts behind my final piece and the stages i went through to get to them it becomes understandable.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Problem Analysis

Design a full typeface that represents the personality/character of my partner.

Who needs to know?:
My partner (Liam) as well as a wider audience.

What do they need to know?:
The decisions I make in the typeface I choose and how I edit it to reflect their character/personality.

What will they respond to?:
Clear visual typeface.

What research is required?:
Primary: Talking to my partner, asking specific questions.
Secondary: Internet, Books.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Final Pieces

Group Task- Final Outcomes

Typography Final outcomes

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Self Crit Friday 8/10/10

Issues Raised

-Good ideas for a final outcome but not much experimentation.

-I need to think outside the box a little more, looking at ideas that aren't so obvious.

-I need to research existing typographers and designers to inspire my own work.

Actions to be taken

- I am going to produce more big a2 sheets so that i have lots more ideas to work with.

- I will look into working with other intrests of my partner working further afield than the ideas i have already started.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Problem Analysis-Alphabet Spaghetti week 2

What is the problem you intend to solve?

The problem i intend on solving is representing my partner's (Liam Rushfirth) personality through modifying an existing typeface. 

Who is your audience?

My audience is my partner Liam and my peers within the group. 

What do they need to know?

They need to know why my type represents my partner and to be able to link to two together understanding the meaning behind each character.

Why do they need to know?

They need to know so that the concept for my problem communicates clearly and answers the brief.

What will they respond to?

They will respond to my typeface as long as the outcome is clear and visually communicates what i am trying to represent.

What research is required?

I will need to conduct research with my partner to find out what makes him who he is and to get a feel for his personality. In regards to secondary research i will need to look into the themes i am going to be exploring through books, internet, flyers, magazines etc.

Self Evaluation Alphabet Spaghetti

What is being communicated and how?

I created my final samples to communicate visually, the word "vanish". I changed each sample to represent the letter disapearing in some way or form. 

How well does this answer the brief?

I think my project answered the brief very well. I tried to explore as many ideas behind the word "vanish" so that my outcomes were very varied. Each sample had a different theme behind it and showed a continuous pattern from slide to slide. 

How well has the idea been visually explored?

I did a lot of exploration behind my ideas and produced notes/work sheets so that they were structured ideas. For example I created a set of letters with bite marks ripped out of the outline of each character to represent that "words can vanish out of your mouth."

What are the strengths of the resolution?

The strengths of my final outcomes are that they showed a broad range of ideas rather than just sticking with one specific idea. 

How could it be improved?

I could improve my final outcomes by working with more than one letter next time.