Monday, 18 October 2010

Alphabet Soup Evaluation

Which Personality Traits did you choose to respond to and apply to the typeface?

I chose to look mainly around the adjectives cultural, intelligent and creative. I wanted to create a typeface that showed these characteristics in a subtle but responsive way that my partner would be able to recognise.

What are the reasons behind the design decisions you have made for the typeface?

When i first started the brief the ideas i was coming up with for my typeface were to literal and i found that instead of resolving the brief i was just narrowing my outcomes for a final piece. I started to look down the theme of working with japanese artwork and manga comics working in the style of Liam so my font would truly represent him as a person. When problem solving i thought that to work as a typeface the audience has to be able to relate to it. Unfortunately i didn't think manga would resolve this, however everybody i had spoken to had read a comic book before so i started working with comic book symbols such as speech bubbles. I used Helvetica to communicate that Liam was quite a straight fine cut person and them incorporated my ideas to produce my final piece.
The speech bubble was a good icon to use because it also linked up to show that Liam had strong opinions about things when i spoke to him.

In what ways are the results effective?

My final outcomes were effective because of how subtle they were. When you actually read into the concepts behind my final piece and the stages i went through to get to them it becomes understandable.

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