Monday, 4 October 2010

Self Evaluation Alphabet Spaghetti

What is being communicated and how?

I created my final samples to communicate visually, the word "vanish". I changed each sample to represent the letter disapearing in some way or form. 

How well does this answer the brief?

I think my project answered the brief very well. I tried to explore as many ideas behind the word "vanish" so that my outcomes were very varied. Each sample had a different theme behind it and showed a continuous pattern from slide to slide. 

How well has the idea been visually explored?

I did a lot of exploration behind my ideas and produced notes/work sheets so that they were structured ideas. For example I created a set of letters with bite marks ripped out of the outline of each character to represent that "words can vanish out of your mouth."

What are the strengths of the resolution?

The strengths of my final outcomes are that they showed a broad range of ideas rather than just sticking with one specific idea. 

How could it be improved?

I could improve my final outcomes by working with more than one letter next time.

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