Monday, 28 March 2011

Feedback For Group Five-Communication is a Virus

Group 5 -

James Flanagan
Lewis Francis
Oli Cassell
Chloe Wilkinson

Tell a convincing lie (poker - bluffing)

-Regularly changing concept which wasn't documented.

-No design direction boards?

-Pack of cards really brilliant concept - simple and effective if dealt with properly
Needed to be more evidence to get real idea of aesthetic.

-Only considered cards... possibly needs greater scope - needs to go to print - consider packaging, promotion and variations?

-Questionnaire blogged is the only sign of research methods.

-Limited to no evaluation -presentation did give idea of where it was going.

-We think unresolved as of yet, down to not telling a lie, just teaching other people... possible interpretation of the brief.

-Possibly for audience, look outside of casinos - look at selling them away from the direct audience.

-Needs taking to print to test it's effectiveness.

-apart from the promise of money, never told a lie?

-Needs to become live we feel.

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