Thursday, 30 August 2012

Summer Devlopment: Digital and Hand drawn Illustration

Hand Rendered Illustration/Painting

Over summer I spent alot of time on the move and didn't always have access to work digitally, which I really liked, being away from the computer gave me a chance to produce some of the more personal work I've been thinking about all year, Drawing things I've wanted to draw for a long time and experimenting with media I've always wanted to practice with. This is not just one of my aims and ambitions for third year but something I think I would like to continue for the majority of my life, but a page in a sketchbook a day is a really good creative release of ideas for myself, with the ability to easily notice progression from page to page. I think this task is easily achievable and something I want to consistently be doing. One of my other aims and ambitions for third year is to be really experimental in my choice of deliverable, thinking and outside of the box when it comes to final outcomes and working with unusual surfaces as a form of communication. As an example, over the summer I tried painting on the blades of some knives (I'm not a psychopath I swear) This is just another example of some of the hand rendered personal creative projects I've been up to over the break even if they are a little strange. As you can see in the Photo Below I also completed a painting on a piece of wood, using masking tape sandpaper and spray paint, looking at Aztec patterns and contrasting colour palettes, Although a little 'fine-arty' this has definitely given me a starting point for ideas working with patterns digitally.

Digital Illustration/Drawing

This Summer, I was lucky enough to receive a Graphic Tablet for my Birthday. Last year I used a Basic Medion standard drawing pad but upgrading to the bamboo has been fantastic, It's opened up my eyes to drawing digitally in comparison to some of the stuff I was producing Last year. I really feel I've started to grasp a significant style and approach in my illustrations, using quite rough sketchy lines and areas of pointillism. I was inspired by Vice Magazines Dog show video and produced the drawings below, playing around with quite psychedelic and unusual subject matter.

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