Sunday, 13 February 2011

Monday 07/02/2011 Studio Surgeries

On Monday we had another studio surgery session to help to get our work on track. This involved leaving all mock ups and designs out in the studio for everybody else to wander around and view, then comments on other peoples work were recorded and left for feedback.

Issues Raised:

Have you thought about different colours for the guitar?

What is the relevance to CMYK?

Have you thought about Typeface/Layout

Actions to be taken:

I have thought about different colours for the guitars, each book will be a different spot colour CMYK using no other colours. I think using more than one colour for each guitar will over complicate my design and bombard the viewer with too much information. 

The relevance to CMYK is so that my book has a wider audience to relate to rather than just people with an interest in guitars. By doing so my book can appeal to both guitar players and people with a creative interest. 

Typeface and layout is something i will definitely need to develop. I want to keep my front covers as simple as possible but my plans/nets for the inside of my books will be much more complex and that's something i will need to focus on this week.

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