Saturday, 1 September 2012

Second 5 Negotiated Briefs

Ministry Of Sound D & AD

Even though this is a brief from Last years D & A D it really interested me because it deals with design that is usually viewed in motion and understanding how people read design from a vehicle/train etc. The outcomes are a set of 3 A2 Posters for outside use but I plan on extending this to do flyer designs, a motion graphic and Sticker reel.

Live Brief F & J Groundwork's

F & J Groundwork's General Property Maintenance are a company owned by one of my friends dealing with general property maintenance and groundwork. They want a cooperate Identity creating producing the decals for 1 red transit van, Buisness Cards, Letter Heads and an Informative Banner.

Personal Brief - The Universals Pupils

I want to create a brand/clothing company thats ethical in terms of manufacture and innovative in temrs of design. Based around skateboarding culture and current trends, producing 10 t-shirt designs, Labels, 2 Jumpers a website and Online shop.

Collaborative Retail Graphics/ Installation
This is by far one of the most exciting briefs I've written so far, Its a collaborative brief between me and Sadie looking at retail graphics and shop installations, producing an exhibition based around anatomy and mechanics.

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