Monday, 29 April 2013

Online Status

Since the start of third year I've been thinking about jobs after finishing University and the way to reach them. I've designed myself a significant Identity and applied it to business cards and a C.V but gaining online recognition for status to gain jobs is something I've been trying to tackle from a variety of angles. When emailing studio's and designers, I need to leave them with a place to visit my work, and a portfolio PDF still doesn't give people the ability to search and find my work. 

Below I've been setting up a cargo collective, Tumblr, and twitter to constantly build up online status. Eventually I want all three to be in sync, design wise, content wise and layout. All three platforms will look similar and can be linked to myself as a designer, I've been putting time into researching costings for setting up a website, I've been working on scamps and templates but will need to gain some further advice on coding in dreamweaver. 

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