Monday, 30 April 2012

PPD // Personal Branding & Buisness Card

So far the concept for my business cards is to be as plain and simple as possible, I want the design to be minimal and consistent to the branding of my website and tumblr but at the same time be a piece of print that people want to hold onto and keep. I'm considering quite a few ideas as listed below;

What do I want to say about myself? What do people need to know? What is necessary? How can I cut it down to a minimum amount of information but at the same time fully communicate with my viewer?


Wood? Paper? Acetate? Vinyl?

Information needed

Name, Phone Number, Website, Email


Rectangular, hexagon, circle, polygon?

Messages I want to communicate

I want my card to be sophisticate and elegant but at the same time communicate my interests in print and hand rendered illustration.

Below are a few examples of business cards I've seen online that really appeal to me, Every one has something intriguing and unique about itself, It leaves you wanting to know more purely because of how well they've been crafted.

Below are a few of my different experiments with lettering and working with my name In general. From the PPD sessions with Jane I think my main focus was what am I going to call myself, how can I communicate my personality but still remain professional? I want to use my Initials but I don't want viewers to associate W.C with water closet. So far my idea's consist of William Cotterill, Will Cotterill, W.Cotterill. WillC, W.C, IAMWILL.

My logo and visual recognition needs to communicate my skills and persoanlity, below are a few visual examples of work I've been influenced by;

My sketches are mainly influenced by the contextual examples below;

My sketchbook Pages;

Art boards / logo colour ways;



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