Monday, 30 April 2012

PPD // Studio Research

Over the summer I'd love to visit some studios, just purely to grasp a feel for the type of design environment I would feel comfortable entering into. I want to start to understand how real life works in the world of design and the only way to achieve that is experiencing it first hand. Below are a few of the studios that I'm really fond of, some are way too far away to visit in the near future but with preparation and money I'd love to travel to visit some of these studios.

C100 Purple Haze - Germany

Burn Everything- Liverpool

Branding, Identities print and multimedia

Fig Tree Network - London
a collection of thinkers, designers, dreamers and doers who, whether based in London, Paris or Hong Kong want to do great work for ambitious clients.

HiggsonHurst -London - Illustration

Onlab- Berlin

VIX- manchester

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