Sunday, 29 April 2012

PPD // Group Tutorial Prep

1. What is Industrial experience?

-Working on a live brief outside of college.
-Working for a print company or copywriters as a team.
-Getting to converse with people already working in industry or profession being able to give modern, up to date constructive advice.
-Getting a placement/internship with a studio or agency.

2. What can you learn from industrial experience?

-What type of job you want to end up working within.
-You can extend your practical experiences and skills, focused on the area you aspire to work in.
-How to produce work to a industrial environment working to high standards and dealing with everyday situations.
-How real life deadlines work.
-The way to deal with clients and customers, giving the customer exactly what they want.

3. What form/format could industrial experience take?

-Doing a Live brief for a client or customer.
-Internships and Work Experience.
-Visiting various Offices and studios.
- Work shadowing watching a leader/staff member within a workplace.
-Collaborations with existing designers/artists/illustrators.

4. What areas of industry are you interested in?

-Screen Printing
-Web Design
-Branding and Identity
-Sign writing/typography?

5. What are your concerns about industrial experience?

What will be my main area of graphic design to focus on in terms of finding a subject I will feel most confident and comfortable working in.

What area of the world I want to work in, I don’t want to live in the U.K much longer and I would love to move abroad, What areas offer what? in terms of the trade I decided to go into.

With the current economy it gets harder ever day to afford things, I would love to travel from city to city visiting different studios but funding it could be difficult. It’s hard to get your work out into the public eye without paying the cost.

Do I have enough experience and skills to be accepted in the area I want to work in? It’s hard to gain recognition without experience and backing, so having this extra boost would be a big help.

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