Saturday, 28 April 2012

PPD // Why Am I Here - What do I want to Learn?

Identify and explain 5 reasons why you chose to study on this programme.

-To gain foundations and a stepping-stone towards getting a good job.
-To learn and develop as a designer, widening my knowledge on graphic design.
-Leeds is an artistic and current city for design.
-The course is very well known and prestigious.
-I’d get a chance to focus and narrow down my creative aspirations.

Identify and explain 5 things that you want to learn during your time on the programme.

-How to use all the main adobe programmes inside out.
-I want to learn about print and print methodologies, what is appropriate for a desired outcome.
-I want to learn about type and how type is correctly formatted and edited within design, how type can work as image and type manipulation.
-I want to know how to create live websites with dream weaver.

Identify and explain 5 skills that you think are your strengths.

-Drawing/hand rendered/digital/illustration.
-Working with other people/collaborations.
-Presentation and layout
-Creativity, Working with 3d.

Identify and explain 5 things that you want to improve.

-My time management.
-I want to refine my drawings skills so that I have a consistent style of illustration.
-I want to improve my skills within illustrator, learning more about vector artwork and basically developing my software skills from first year.
-My knowledge of the history of graphic design
-My client base, contacts for work.

Identify and explain 5 ways that you will evaluate your progress.

-Make regular action plans.
-Keep note books documenting all my current and up to date ideas/dates/etc.
-Arrange regular feedback sessions with peers and tutors.
-Constantly evaluate work load, and project management.
-Evaluations and module feedback.

Identify 5 questions that you want to find the answer to.

-WHO AM I IN THE WORLD OF DESIGN? I need to find my feet and plan for the future but how can I achieve this without knowing what area of design I want to go into. I hope this year helps me to determine my prospects as a designer from here onwards.

-HOW DO I BUILD GOOD RELATIONSHIPS WITH CLIENTS? How do I deal with clients in a professional manor, handle queries, pricing etc?

-CAN I WORK ABROAD? Do I have the skill and ability to work abroad, is this easily achieved, how do you go about contact foreign design studios?

-HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST TO SET UP MY OWN CLOTHING COMPANY? I’ve had previous projects in the past setting up miniature clothing companies, but now I feel I’m at the stage where its time to step things up a notch, I want to create a professional brand of apparel, and doing this properly is going to need financing well.


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