Wednesday, 16 May 2012

PPD - Contact Devlopment

After looking at a variety of different studios I'd like to visit, I have started to get an Idea of the places I'd like to travel to, I would definitely like to go abroad, sticking within Europe and visiting places like Brussels and Prague. Amsterdam and Germany would be current and exciting places to visit, however a little closer to home My sister lives down In London and has some contacts within advertising agencies and other departments. This is an opportunity I can't waste, one of her close friends works with the clothing company Whiter Stuff. As I would love to go into retail and design for fashion I think pursuing this contact would be ideal for my professional development.

Another company she has links with is the Minimart. They're an advertising and marketing agency who produce fully integrated marketing campaigns, working with companies such as the BBC, Atari, Rubicon. They mainly work with commercial advertising but visually have produced some amazing digital and printed media for clients as seen below. Another thing which I find really attractive and exciting about the company is there Idents/video work, something I would like to pursue from the design for screen module. They have also had a lot of envelopment with charity and ethically friendly projects, I really like the fact they've worked with macmillan & water aid.

An introduction to Minimart;

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