Friday, 25 May 2012

PPD - Studio research

I've been researching into a lot of studios abroad and I feel that If I'm staying in Leeds over summer It would be a much better plan to try and find some contacts in yorkshire and the county as a whole as travel costs would be reduced. 


Qubik is a design studio based in Leeds, They appeal to me because of their current up to date type orientated, experimental approach to design. Each project I've selected from there archive has been constructed from an original and intuitive concept, each one unique and backed by good reasoning. I think as a designer this would be the type of studio I would love to work within, working mainly with publications and print, establishing and developing visaully pleasing work for small clients. 

"Qubik is a graphic design studio founded in 2000 by Joe Gilmore. Specialising in typographic-led design for branding, print and digital media, the studio works with a variety of clients in the commercial and cultural sector. Our work includes design for branding, content managed websites, books, catalogues, brochures, posters, leaflets, signage and packaging. In addition to client-based work, the studio initiates and produces independent curatorial and publishing projects which focus on typography and graphic design.

We are very passionate about graphic design. Through developing collaborative relationships with our clients and partners we aim to create original, functional and distinctive work that engages users, satisfies the objectives of the client and meets the high standards and creative innovation that are central to our studio practice. 

Joe Gilmore is currently a visiting lecturer in the department of Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art & Design. He is also a founding member of The School of Interactive and Algorithmic Art."

Strengths: They're current/up to date, producing design that is fitting with graphic influenced trends. They have been running since 2000 and have a wide client base, plus with 12 years behind them they are obviously doing the right things.

Weaknesses: They're mainly type orientated, where as I would say I'm more image.

Opportunities: Quibik offers the chance to work alongside designers who have a strong passion for graphic design, this can be seen through the sort of work they produce. It motivates/inspires me backtracking through their work and thinking about the thought process behind each concept. I would love to work with more type orientated design as a pose to image. 

Threats: I think a threat to myself would be that my portfolio is not 100% how I would like it to be. I feel as If I don't have strong enough work at this stage of the course for a company with graphical prestige. 

The Consult

The Consult is a team of brand and design experts. For the past decade we've been delivering impact-making communications for our clients and their brands.

"We realise the importance of thinking things through. Understanding your market and strategic objectives is an integral part of our design process. That way we know we're delivering creativity that works."

Brand communications
Posters / Flyers
Brochures / Books
Annual reports
Exhibition displays
Vehicle livery

Strengths: They're local, offer a wider range of deliverables across both web and print

Opportunities: The consult offers a chance to work with lots of desirable outcomes and formats. I want to develop my skills within product range and distribution and The consults multiple integrated campagns work across really enthralling ranges.

Threats: Again portfolio issues, I don't feel as if A company like this would take interesting in myself with my work being at the stage its at.

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