Sunday, 27 May 2012

PPD - Web Presence Tumblr

Networking and getting involved in online creative clusters is going to be a major part of my professional development as a designer. At this stage I want to focus on the building of my own personal web address but also have parallel links to other locations Online where I'm getting my work out there. When I was 14 I decided to make a tumblr, the screenshot is below ( You can tell how old I was because of the poor design haha!) Tumblr is a perfect location to start reaching the sorts of contacts I want to come across in my design career. Its full of creative people from all different backgrounds and is really focused on artistic interests. I've been re-vamping the html for my Tumblr for quite a while, below is what I've come to produce, the only final thing I need to code is infinite scrolling.

5 years ago...


Understanding the tumblr style sheets was my first issue, I used some sourced code of the internet to help to to set up my page. One of the features used is a rollover so that when hovering over an image it fades into the background, in the foreground my name becomes the click able item.

The black grey and white is going to be an ongoing colour scheme across my personal branding, from my google blogger to my website. Below is a few images of my blogger with the same consistent branding;

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