Friday, 5 October 2012

4 Selected Briefs/Development

Below is a re-vamped selection of the 4 Main Brief I Intend on completing in the next ten weeks. Analysing the skills content, context and products I aim to work with. 

Shop Installation /Collaboration with Sadie

Skills - Collaboration skills working with another designer/illustrator, printing techniques, concept development and working to a set space/area. 3D craft, media and material manipulation.

Content- Anatomy and the human body, sketal system and muscles. Mechanics and car engines, clocks and cogs.

Context- Design for retail, Fashion and Interiors.

Products- Wall Hangings, 3D/ Multi Layered Prints. screen prints, oil paintings, 3d craft and media, the possibility of producing wallpaper and printed fabrics to go alongside.

British Humour /Collaboration with James

Skills - Type driven, collaborative skills, spray painting techniques and traditional sign writing. Also a good use of After effects as we propose to produce a motion graphic to run alongside.

Content- British Humour, Young aspiring comedians. what makes British humour unique from other nationalities.

Context- Design for screen/working with live spaces

Products-1/2 mural spray  painted murals, laser cut 3d work and screen prints.

Personal Garment Printing Brief / The Universes Pupils

Skills - Screen printing on garments, Networking, Website coding and development, branding and identity, Sewing/Pattern/Textile design.

Content- Skateboarding culture, Victorian typography and traditional crests, current trends and pattern.

Context- Online/ Website Exposure, Design for Fashion and retail. Printed media.

Products-10 or more t-shirts, 2 Jumpers, labels, tags, and an online shop.

Live Brief F & J Groundwork's and General Property Maintenance

Skills -Client Led Design on a live brief, working with transfers and decals, Branding and Identity and logo. Working alongside commercial printers.

Content- Plumbing, construction, roofing, brick layer, electronics.

Context- Design for coorperate identity.

Products-Van decals, business cards, letterheads, informative banner and other printed media.

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