Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Self Promotion Task

Self Promotion

For Wednesday's session, alongside our business cards we also needed to produce a piece of promotional material any format to be analyzed by other members of the group. Rather than producing a flyer or poster or something 2D I wanted to stick with my original intentions of my third year and produce something 3 dimensional. From my brainstorm below I started to think about a deliverable that would communicate not only my skills as a designer but my personality.

I thought that a beer bottle or label for a bottle of beer would be appropriate to communicate myself as a designer traditional to my British routes, I do enjoy a nice pale ale. Plus this would be a nice item that could be picked up and held by its viewer rather than being seen from a distance.
Idea's I wanted to play around with was the original wording of a beer bottle label, changing the nutritional information to facts about myself.

 I came up with the idea of having the ABV percentage as the division between my skills and what sort of designer I am, explaining that I'm 60% graphic designer 40% Illustrator. On the side of the bottle I planned to design and make two small tags with the strap lines, Always half full, Never half empty to promote that I'm a positive thinker.


Using a Sam Miguel bottle I took measurements and planned out how big I could work with the space on the glass, I actually thought that the Sam Miguel labels themselves weren't very effective when it came to using space to its full potential. After printing my labels I used the laminator and gold foil to foil block certain parts of my label, I used this technique to highlight key elements of my type that I wanted to be eye catching. I was thinking about extending this project into making a small crate of ales, I think if I sent out a six pack to a studio each with a different label, promoting a different skill, this would be a really good way of promoting myself.

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