Friday, 5 October 2012

Brief Devlopment Workshop 2

This weeks session continued on from Last weeks series of Lists, producing the same 5 sheets but this time in much more detail and 20 wants and needs rather than 10, Then producing a final list of 20 questions derived from the other sheets. I found this process of self analysis and constantly questioning who I want to be as a designer was overall very satisfying because It made me feel more decisive in terms of my professional practice.

From this we had to select just 4 of our briefs we thought had the most potential to push us as individuals and colour code them, highlighting what brief would be key to each aim or objective we'd written down. this was then matched up to our sheets of 20 wants and needs to figure out what briefs would be key for developing specific skills, portfolio, research and product.

We were then asked to write down the four briefs that we favored the most in terms of the potential achievements and diversity of areas of skill, In the format...

A.......Investigation of........with a focus on.......

I am going to......because......

-A print based investigation of retail and garment design with a focus on skateboard culture.

-A mixed media investigation of retail graphics and shop interiors with a focus on anatomy and mechanics.

-A client led investigation of branding, identity and logo with a focus on a home maintenance company.

-A web Based investigation of British Culture, humor and young aspiring comedians with a focus on sign writing and British typography.






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