Friday, 5 October 2012

PPD Tutorials - Task 1

From John's session this week we were given a short task of answering the questions below;

List 5 things or more you would address differently than you did before the summer...

-The amount of time I spend In studio, I definitely will be taking advantage of having studio space open for us to use 6 days a week, as this is probably going to be my last year in education using the studio as much as possible Is something I want to prioritize.
-To use the research process in much more original and interesting ways, rather than jumping straight onto the internet instead finding day's out and visits that can inform my research. Using other resources than the colleges Library and being thorough in the way I execute research.

-Try and be much more experimental with the media and methods of delivery I work alongside, I want to show that I'm a jack of all trades and enjoy working in in alternative forms of media that wouldn't usually be associated with Graphic Design.

-In terms of my attendance I feel that last year there was a few mornings where I woke up late and didn't get a chance to sign in, overall effecting my percentage. This year I want to manage my time so that I don't end up having late nights catching up with blogging etc and as an outcome I don't sleep through my alarm.

-The design Process, Coming back and analyzing the briefs I've picked out has really helped me to think about the differently stages undertaken in the design development process. Weekly plans of each stage you intend to go through is a really good aspect of project planning and this is something I will be undertaking this year.

List 5 things or more know now that you didn't before the break...
-Stressing out over work, is only achieved through bad planning. Project and time management is key to being able to structure time to work & procrastinate.

-I aspire to be open minded this year in terms of industry, I think I will be happy in whatever job I end up doing as Long as its part of the creative network. Having time and space over summer gave me a chance to properly think about my future and I have concluded that If i don't pursue a graphic design career, I would definitely like to stay within the creative Industry possibly with textiles or illustration.

-I know now that speaking to other designers through creative Industry can be very difficult but at the same time extremely easy, it completely depends on the other person at the end of the telephone line or computer screen.

-I know what type of designer I work well alongside collaboratively, I completed a 10 day collaborative mural over summer and I truly think that this taught me alot about compromise and pushing different peoples strong points.

-I know what type of designer I am now, strangely coming back to University I feel really motivated about my own practice as summer has given me a chance to understand who I am within Graphic Design. I'm a graphic designer who works well with image, has an eye for composition and enjoys illustration but can work in a breadth of different types of media.

List 5 things or more you feel we could address as a group...
-Group Visits to Studios and printing companies.
-Some feedback forms on what types of sessions we feel would benefit us this year.
-Feedback on Taught sessions and our advice on how to Improve the teaching of graphic design for following years.
-A creative project where everyone in the class has to contribute, I.e A branding and identity brief where everyone in the class has to propose a logo to a specific size and format, this could turn out to be a print showing the diversity in the way the class thinks.
-More hands on practical sessions, where we learn about skill driven design.

List 5 or more specific things you will address this semester that should be useful to your practice...
-A continuation of constant practice of my drawing, I just want to keep touching up and perfecting my style of illustration and this is only going to be achieved through repetition and trying out new techniques.

-My collaborative Skills, I have 2 collaborative briefs written out for OUGD301, I've learnt the importance of collaboration over summer and now its time to perfect the way I work with other people.
-My typographic knowledge, I think my biggest mistake of last year was picking image over type as type is something that as the course has progressed I've moved further and further away from. I want to be able to grasp the fundamental and technical aspects of arranging typeface and traditional rules of typesetting.

-I want to arrange to meet more studio/professionals, to broaden my knowledge on where I want to end up at the end of the course. Meeting successful designers and popping into studios will help me to understand the sort of environment I eventually want to enter into.

-My online status is something I really want to get going, especially for getting myself business contacts and work. I'm going to start with creating a behance and cargo collective.

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