Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Collaboration // Retail Graphics Change of Brief

Coincidentally, I was doing a bit of personal spray painting work in the bar in escobar a small bar in town and got chatting to their manager Shaun who owns both bar and restaurant above it. He's currently undergoing idea's for refurbishments of his Mexican restaurant and was looking for artists to stick with his Mexican theme re-decorating the walls of the restaurant to bring it up to date with their new menu's etc.

At the back of the restaurant there's a small corner where I thought it would be ideal for me and Sadie to base our brief, 2 walls have a painted map of Mexico with short paragraphs about the Mexican day of the dead and Mexican heritage. The owner wants this re-doing with work corresponding to the information on the map positioned around other areas of the restaurant. Even though this is moving away from clothing shop interiors, I think a restaurant this central and lively is such a good opportunity that needs to be grabbed straight away, It will give us the chance to explore restaurant interiors and how they interact with their customers.

Below I have re-written Our brief to fit Escobar's requirements;

Restaurants accommodate customers by providing a full experience to eating out, It's not just about the food, but instead about the experience as a whole, how the food and environment come together to provide an overall aura . Explore how retail graphics, installations, exhibitions and way finding are used within a restaurants interior to suit and compliment the surroundings.

-A mixed media investigation of retail graphics and shop interiors with a focus on Mexican food, the mexican day of the dead, sugar skulls and Mexican themed subject matter. Using screen-print and laser cutting we want to look into multi-layered posters, wall hangings and 3 dimensional pieces of print. This will be proposed to a high street shop tailoring our ideas to a specific audience.

Skill set: Digital Illustration, Hand Rendered Illustration, working to exhibit, screen-printing, laser-cut.


-A proposed Interior restaurant Installation.

-Backdrop of a Map (wallpaper/print)
-5 A1 mixed media prints.

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