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PPD Task 2

Identify 5 companies/studios which you consider potentially synergetic to you personally. Write a short explanatory paragraph and reasons for each.By the end of this year I think that I would feel more comfortable approaching individual designers/artists because I feel within Industry I would work better as a freelancer or graphic artist. The style of Graphic Artist I would like to be is shown by the breadth of links below, But I've included design studios to highlight the type of working environment I would seek to enter into.


Working Format is a graphic design studio founded by partners Ross Milne and Grace Partridge. We are based in Vancouver, Canada.
Company Overview
We design brand identities, publications, websites, exhibitions and typefaces for cultural institutions, civic and government organisations, educational facilities, passionate startups and national corporations. Our process is based on the principal that great design starts with great content. Build great content and communicate it in a way that encourages positive user experiences. Create positive experiences through better looking products and services. Customers will follow.
Great design starts with great content.

Better looking products and services will be better received, always.

People are smarter than they're given credit for.
Craft is important: the only thing worse than a bad idea is a good idea poorly executed.
We're curators at heart. It's our job to be critical.

I would love to travel the world whilst I'm young and Canada would be my first destination, I've visited Vancouver and the city is engulfed by creative clusters and projects going on around the city. Working Format work has ethical outlooks and works alongside brands and companies that stand for change and have passion in their making. I couldn't agree with their strap line more that Great design starts with great content, I think that the more exciting a subject the more exciting a brief, but its up to you to make it exciting.

Company Overview
99SECONDS is the studio ID and portfolio of Bristol based illustrator / designer Adi Gilbert. I work as a freelancer or from my own studio specializing in illustration and graphic design with over 13yrs of experience as a professional creative.

Illustration / Graphic Design / Web /  Art and creative direction / Branding / Animation / visuals, storyboards and scamps / art working

99SECONDS appeals to me because of their diversity, working heavily with both illustration and graphic design, which is eventually what I would like to do. Bristol is an Area I've always aspired to work/live in and I think this studio would be right up my street. Adi's illustration work really inspires me because of its minimal colour palettes and attention to detail, they work mainly with companies affiliated with extreme sports such as skating, bmx'ing which is also a big interest of mine.

Company Overview

We are ilovedust, a multi-disciplinary design boutique. We specialise in creative solutions from graphic design and illustration to animation and trend prediction.

We ply our trade in two contrasting studio spaces; one located in the heart of East London, the other on the tip of the south coast. Just a short stroll from the ocean and surrounded by the rolling Hampshire countryside, our south coast team enjoy a distinct vantage point working in a former butcher’s workshop.

Conversely rooted in the heart of creative hub Shoreditch, our London studio thrives on the buzz and energy of the city in a brand new, purpose-built creative haven. The blend of both environments provides us with a unique and inspiring perspective.
We mix some of the best British designers along with talent from around the globe.
We collaborate both in-house and with global brands, working together to create fresh, innovative design which makes up our award-winning portfolio.

I picked out I love Dust because they work within the three main Areas i want to tailor my practice towards, they work alongside exciting and modern brands and produce work that is well balanced but decorative. Working near in London has many advantages and the majority of well known creative studios are Based in the South of the Country.

Identify the top choice and why you feel that they may have synergy with your practice now, or in the near future.

Is your choice based on:
Location, Direction of Practice, The brand Philosophy & Client base

What if none of those is your main reason for choosing to follow this organization, what is it specifically?

When considering these practices:
Please Consider who they are/who are you?
Why you are contacting them and why they should listen? What do you want them to do next and what do you actually want. Why they should get back to you?

Now you have identified initially these studios you feel synergy with. Please list 8 methods you could utilize to contact them.
-Emails (Integrated PDF's) and interactive links out to Websites.

-Mailouts/mailshots, precious pieces of print my client can feel and hold.
-Online Presence: Creating online status and presence through Tumblr, Linkdin, Blogger etc


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